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Vienna By Train

In order to travel from Greece to Vienna by train there are two alternative routes you can follow. Below you will find useful information about the routes and the train itineraries as well as the hours of the departures /arrivals. This voyage is time-consuming - if you compare it to a voyage by – but the places, the people you might meet and the adventure you might have in such a journey offer unique emotions to those who decide to try it!!


Route 1 :: AthensThessalonikiBucharestVienna


- From Thessaloniki there is a scheduled train to Bucharest that departs daily at 00:30. The duration of the journey is about 18 hours.

From Bucharest there is a daily scheduled train to Vienna that departs at 15:15. The duration of the journey is about 19 hours.


Tip: The train from Thessaloniki reaches Bucharest at 18:30 and so you cannot catch (on the same day) the only train that departs daily at 15:15 to Vienna. Another solution would be: if you do not want spend an entire day in beautiful Bucharest, you can take the train to Budapest that departs at 19:10 every day (arrival 08:47 Budapest) and from there one of the trains to Vienna. The connection Budapest –Vienna is regular and the duration of the journey lasts only 2hours and 44 minutes.



Route 2 :: AthensThessalonikiBeogradBudapestVienna

- From Thessaloniki there are two daily scheduled trains to Beograd, the departure times are at 05:57 and 17:05. The average duration of the journey is about 13 hours and 30 min.

From Beograd there are three daily scheduled trains to Budapest, the departure times are at 07:20, 10:00 and 21:25. The average duration of the journey is about 7 hours and 45 min.
From Budapest there are very frequently scheduled trains to Vienna, the average duration of this journey (with intercity) is 2 hours and 44 min. The trains depart at the following times: 06:14, 07:24, 09:24, 11:24, 13:24, 15:24, 18:24, 19:19, 21:19.


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Connection with other European cities

Vienna is located in the middle of Europe and it has direct train connection with many European capitals, below you can find the major direct train connections and the departure/arrival times.

Vienna - Bratislava:
Train departures almost every half hour. First train at 05:05 - Last train at 00:49. Average duration 1 hour.


Vienna - Prague:

Train departures: 05:50, 08:25, 09:32, 12:33, 14:33, 16:33, 18:33, 22:23. Average duration 5 hours.


Vienna - Budapest:

Train departures: 06:00, 07:05, 07:58, 10:05, 12:05, 14:05, 16:05, 18:05, 18:50, 20:05, 16:05. Average duration  2 hours and 30 min.


Vienna - Berlin:

Train departures: 05:50, 09:32, 22:23. Average duration 10 hours.


Vienna - Zurich:

Train departures: 07:20, 09:20, 22:25. Average duration 8 hours and 25 min.


Vienna - Krakow:

Train departures: 22:23. Average duration 8 hours.


Vienna - Warsaw:

Train departures: 07:33, 13:33, 22:23. Average duration 8 hours and 27 min.


Vienna - Bucharest:

Train departures: 18:50. Average duration 18 hours and 17 min.


Vienna - Moscow:

Train departures: 22:23. Average duration 31 hours and 42 min.

From March 2011 all the international train schedules from Greece are canceled.