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Travel Stories From Vienna

In this page we host the travel stories of our readers that have visited Vienna and wanted to share them with us. Send us your experiences, proposals and advice from your journey to Vienna and we will publish them here. E-mail: info@vienna.gr

From Galaya:


The train from Bucharest brought us in Vienna...it is the end of April, the day is sunny and we decided to begin the exploration of the city immediately. The organization and the order that dominates the city is something that distinguishes from the first moment. We cross the streets from the crossings and all the cars stop. At one point we see from far a motorcyclist riding a big cubism capacity motorcycle approaching with speed….we see him stopping, with a smile, in the crossing and waiting for us to pass.

Immense parks with beautiful flowers surround the city centre and in every moment of the day you can meet the residents of the city either enjoying their morning coffee, reading a book relaxed under a tree or bicycling in the parks.



The buildings in Vienna testify the city’s royal past. Wherever you look you are astonished, the royal palaces from the Habsburg era are actually the city’s card postal and you will need many hours to explore them. The center of the city is full of pedestrian streets and you can enjoy excellent coffee (Vienna has a tradition in coffee) in one of the many city’s centre cafes. Many alternative artists from difference parts of world are gathered in the central square of Saint Stephen and you can observe live classical music or even street dancing.


During our traveling around in Vienna we met the friendly and smiling residents of this city that recommended we had for lunch the Austrians’ favorite food, Schnitzel. One of the best and most famous parts of city is the restaurant Figlmuller that despite its reputation has reasonable prices!!!